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Photo by RusticoArtist

Photo by RusticoArtist

Hi, I'm Jim Setzer.  I started Images by Design as a hobby that's turned into a second job and will become my next career when I retire soon.  It's part of a plan we've put into motion that you can read about on our blog.

Ever since I picked up my first Instamatic camera back in the '80s, I've loved taking pictures.  I carried a 35mm SLR around in the 90s, just taking shots of new places visited and the interesting people I met along the way.  I bought my first digital SLR in 2012 and have been honing my skills and taking on projects ever since.  

As you can see clicking around this site, I enjoy all types of photography .  I can't say I find one genre any more challenging or rewarding than another - they all have interesting facets.  I use several tools for post processing images to get the desired final look for portraits and landscapes, building elements for digital art pieces and integrating components for commercial works.

They say it takes a lifetime to master photography.  I honestly don't think it can be "mastered."  The technologies, social uses and styles are ever evolving so the art and science of photography is dynamic as well.

Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope you found it easy to navigate, the images intriguing & professional, and the information helpful.  If you are interested in my photography or graphic design services, please contact me.  I've also listed a few example package prices to give you an idea of my fees, but I almost always customize the final price to fit customers' needs.