The Science of Photography course

The Science of Photography course


Six (6) week course (2 hours each session) at Images by Design Studios. Starts on Thursday October 18th, 2018 at 7pm.

This course is dedicated to the science and technologies of photography and videography. Delve deeper into the mechanics, optics, physics and the other facets that make up the technical aspects of digital imagery. Students of any level can benefit, from beginning photographers who would like to have a more in depth understanding, to experienced photographers wanting to take their art to the next level. The course will cover exposure, lenses, camera systems, lighting, and printing.

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Science of Photography - Schedule and Syllabus

Fall 2018, Thursdays 7pm to 9pm

10/18 – Welcome, Introductions, Metering and focusing systems. Get a proper exposure every shot and improve your “Hit Rate”  Bring: Notebook, your go-to camera and any lens.

10/25 – All about your lenses Part 1.  Filters, Types of Glass, Apertures, Vibration Reduction.  Knowing the strengths and limitations of each lens (on your camera(s)) will help ensure you get the look you want with every photo.  Bring: Notebook, any camera and your two favorite lenses.

11/01 – No Class (Jim is out of the country)

11/08 – All about lenses Part 2.  Distortion and Compression, Extension tubes, teleconverters and adaptors.  Primes vs Zooms. Specialty lenses.  “The right lens for the right job” ~Scotty from Star Trek Bring: Notebook, Camera, zoom and/or prime lenses.

11/15 – Sensors.  DSLR vs Mirrorless, IBIS, Bayer filter, AA filter, IR filter, noise, Image processor.  Raw vs JPG.  Understanding how your camera captures and processes your images is key to getting beautiful images SOOC.  Bring: Notebook, know your memory card(s) type(s).

11/22 – Thanksgiving

11/29 – Lighting Systems. On-camera and off-camera flash.  Studio strobes, hot lights and light modifiers.  Taking control of the light opens creative avenues to help realize your vision. Bring: Notebook, Camera, any lens(es) and flash/lighting system.

12/06 – Sharing your images.Digital Media to Prints.Print types, color spaces, and calibration. Imagery becomes art only after an observer relates to it.“The Beholders’ Share.” Ensure your imagery is received as you intended. Wrap up and class review. Bring: Notebook.