Who are these people? - Part II

Last week a wrote a bit about who we are professionally and how we came to be in our current day jobs.  Now I want to share a little more about our passions - the things we want to make into our day jobs in the coming years.  

Denise has always been a healthy person.  Everything about her is young - from her muscle tone to her skin tone, from the smile in her eyes to her contagious laugh.  She can be dead serious when she needs to be, but more often she's cracking a joke or acting like a teenager (in a good way.)  She prefers healthy meals, is a runner and takes great care of herself.  

That includes the world around her which is why she began studying feng shui several years ago.  What started out as a desire to make her own living space more healthy is growing into a nice consulting gig.  She's got a web site dedicated to the practice and is in the process of revamping that site now to be more modern and appealing to visitors.  I'll share more about her feng shui later on as that new site starts to take shape.

About 8 months ago that love of all things organic brought her in contact with a line of anti-aging  products.  A co-worker asked her to try them and she was amazed by the results.  So much that within a month, she decided to join up as an independent brand partner and sell those products to her family and friends.  The company is called Nerium and we'll talk a bit more about that later too.

Her favorite healthy foods have always included organic eggs rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, non-GMO farm fresh fruits and vegetables - free of pesticides and herbicides, and only the leanest meats.  We enjoy cooking our meals at home and when we use a recipe we work to substitute unhealthy ingredients.  Sugar becomes stevia or agave, mayonnaise becomes Greek yogurt, white flour becomes rice flour and vegetable oil becomes olive or coconut oil.  You get the idea.  I don't think we'll ever give up red meat, but everything in moderation makes for both a healthy and delicious diet.

Recently she's begun to blend her own teas with ingredients like whole ginger root and turmeric.   She's always been a firm believer in preventive herbs like echinacea, and now she's starting to explore the whole world of homeopathy.

All of these passions are interconnected and she's exploring them all with a goal of sharing what she learns with others.  I already mentioned her web site, and she's just getting started making some YouTube videos and leveraging the power of social media.   We're thinking of branding all of them together under something like "Healthy Living with Denise."  

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