And already I'm falling behind...

I set a rule for myself to post a new entry here every week - Tuesday has been the day I've published most of these blogs.  Here it is Friday and I'm just now getting around to writing this.  It's been a pretty busy week at work but that's no excuse.  If I start to slip down the procrastination slope now, I may never be able to catch up.

I did get a little ego boost yesterday when this image I submitted to Chelsea & Tony Northrup's Youtube show #TCLIVE got a "Pick" from Tony Northrup.  Tony loves to tear apart an image so if he's got nothing constructive to say, that's the highest form of compliment.  It's a great way to get a free professional critique of your work.  Some of my earlier submissions were just plain awful.  

This image came to be because they're building some new homes behind my back yard and I had gone over yesterday afternoon to check out the floor plan of a house under construction.  I happened across this stack of OSB (aka chipboard) with the setting sun adding some nice reds to the amber color of the wood.  The symmetry, textures and colors made for an interesting composition.  Like Chase Jarvis said "The best camera is the one you have."  So, I snapped this with my smartphone. The theme for yesterday's TCLIVE show was "Smartphone Pictures" so I sent it on in.

Most of my smartphone pics worth a damn just end up on Instagram.  If you have clicked on my Instagram link from here you might notice that a lot of the images I post there are not the usual things you would find here in my general portfolio or FaceBook page.  Some are a bit strange, others edgy and many are abstract. I'd never make a living (I don't think) making abstract art like this, but Tony did say that this would make a nice print.  Perhaps I'll send this off to MPIX for a big 16"x20" and hang it in a corner of my house to see if I agree.

It's time to start getting the studio ready for shoots this weekend.  We are trying our hand at some more boudoir photography so I've got some model friends coming over to see what we can make.  If any turn out, I'll be sharing a few here in the next week or two.

One last thing for this week.  I added a feature to subscribe to this blog so if you are interested just click on the subscribe button at the top or bottom of this page so you'll automagically get the latest blog in your inbox as we publish them.

Take Care, and thanks for reading.

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