Life Is What Happens As You Are Making Other Plans

I wonder if anyone noticed that I didn't post a blog entry last week.  My grand plan to be diligent and post each week has met its first true setback.  Like everyone, I have busy weeks, hectic weeks and weeks where I feel like Job.  Last week was one of those.  The day job stuff really piled on, I had three photo shoots and unexpected home repairs.  No time for sitting down and waxing poetic about future plans, politics, navel lint, or anything else fun.

I also wonder if anyone noticed all of the typographical errors and overall poor grammar in my post the week before.  You only saw that ugly mess if you read the subscriber's email copy as I've since fixed all the mistakes I could find.  You see, the mail distributor that sends the blog out to subscribers, MailChimp, somehow got overexcited and sent out my blog immediately instead of the set schedule.  I have it set to deliver at a later time so I can send myself a test copy and read it in that format - sort of a way to self proof read when I don't have Denise available to put a second set of eyes on it.  Anyway, I saw that MailChimp had jumped the gun, but too late.  The damage had been done.  Since neither I nor the MailChimp helpdesk staff could figure out what happened, I'm going to use a different proofreading tool and hopefully this post will be a quality product when it arrives in your inbox.

©2016 Images by Design

©2016 Images by Design

I've got some interesting news but I think I'm going to save it for next week.  For now I'll just share a fun photograph from one of those photo shoots last week.  Can you guess the book/movie series it relates to?  All the props here belong to the model who's a bit of an obsessed fan with this genre.   

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