So, now we're a "Power Couple!"

Before a shoot I always sit down with our models/clients for some nice, informal, get-to-know-you time.  We learn a bit about them and share what we're all about.  It's a great technique to help everyone relax and explore details about the project or the wants and needs of the customer. 

This weekend we had a lovely young model, Tabitha,  in our studio.  As Denise and I were sharing our business plans, Tabitha called us a "Power Couple."  I'll paraphrase her definition that a power couple supports each other's efforts and enables each other's dreams.  I had made almost an identical statement to Denise the week before.  I just didn't have the buzz-word to go with it.  I like it. So, now we're a "Power Couple!" 

Well, this "Power Couple" is still working each day toward our goals.  Denise just ran her first half-marathon a week ago and completed it in just 2:18 flat. I'm so proud of her.  The course wound through the streets of Norfolk allowing me to take a few photos along the route for her web site and social media posts.  With her running milestone safely behind her, Denise had elective foot surgery a few days later.  She's currently laid up on crutches, hoping to get cleared to put weight on her heel in a boot later this week to get cleared to start running again in 6 weeks.  She's using her "downtime" to work on her feng-shui web site and marketing strategies.  

Bedtime Stories - "Caught in the Act" ©2016 Images by Design

Bedtime Stories - "Caught in the Act" ©2016 Images by Design

I just submitted a series of photos for consideration (including this film noir styled shot from Tabitha's session) to hopefully be shown at Virginia MOCA this winter.  I couldn't have completed this project without Denise as my model, agent, muse, lighting grip and HMUA.  We'll know on Dec 23rd if we made the cut.  It's very competitive exhibit.

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