2016 wrap up

All in all, 2016 was a very good year for us and our journey.  Denise pushed forward with her Healthy Living business on a number of fronts including revamping and rehosting her web site, sponsoring events, participating in tabletop shows, landing new customers, selling products, experimenting with healthy recipes, training and completing her first half-marathon and much more.  

I continued to challenge myself to improve my photography in a number of genres, I partnered with a national publication to become a staff photographer, increased my customer base and doubled my photography revenue. 

Together we did a number of things to prepare for a very different lifestyle.  I started getting the house ready to sell next year and Denise had some corrective foot surgery.  We met with attorneys and financial experts to plan for our big transition.  2017 is going to be a major year for us.

We met so many amazing people this year too, from business contacts to customers to models and other photographers.  Everyone we've shared our vision with has been supportive and excited for us.  

Models we worked with in 2016.   ©2016 Images by Design

Models we worked with in 2016.   ©2016 Images by Design

Oh, I almost forgot.  One last big step on our journey forward.........

Anyone else suprised that she said yes?   

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